Artist statement

Mechanisms enchant me. I see beauty and wonder in the coordination of gears and levers and cams; elegance in rolling balls and pendulums. I strive to present the aesthetic of kinetics through my art.


  Born and raised in West Seattle, I have lived my whole life in the Seattle area. A love of craftsmanship led me to furniture and cabinet making in my 20s. Realizing I was at my core an inventor, I earned a degree in mechanical engineering in my 30s from the University of Washington and spent my career doing mechanical design. I pursued my love of creativity and craftsmanship in my free time as well. Fortunate to finally retire from cubicle life, I now spend my time building what is in my head, exploring that world where art, engineering, and whimsy intersect.

I am blessed to be able to spend all my time now designing and building what I want.  I work mostly on whimsical mechanical art and have a special interest in exploring interactivity in art. 


My shop is within the S. 93rd St. Industrial Park in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle WA.  The address is:

1705 S .93rd St

Unit F-20

Seattle, WA 98108