Burning Man 2019

The art project for Burning Man 2018 (The Roost) was remodeled and brought to the event in 2019 renamed Flamingo Roost.

Burning Man 2018


The Roost

Trillium at the Seattle Children's Museum (2017)

After two visits to Burning Man, Trillium has a permanent home now at the Seattle Children's Museum.

Pentamonium: Reno (2015)

Pentamonium was designed and built for Burning Man 2015 in collaboration with Jeff Tangen and the Disciples Of The Dust.   After the event, it was taken to Reno as part of the Gateway Project.  This video clip shows a bit of the welcoming ceremony in October of that year.

Trillium at Burning Man 2014

I brought Trillium back to the playa in 2014 with the addition of chimes and solar lights.

Trillium at Burning Man 2013

This was the first kinetic sculpture I brought to Burning Man.

Springtime For Dave (2014)


Matthew By 7 (2001)

This sculpture was designed for a physician's waiting room in Sterling, Massachusetts.  Wanting to minimize noise, I employed the rubber coated steel balls that used to be inside computer mice.

Impression: Combine (2008)

This piece was inspired by mechanisms found in agricultural combines.  It was built in 2008.

Matthew By Day (1995)

This was the first rolling ball sculpture I built and it was displayed for the public at Bumbershoot 1995.