Silence of the Sphere

An overhead rolling ball sculpture

This piece was designed to hang from the ceiling at the Seattle Children's Museum.  A 12" diameter polished stainless steel ball will roll about overheard.  I hope to expand on it in the future to have branching tracks and interactive kiosks. 


Burning Man 2018

The Roost

I didn't take a personal project to Burning Man in 2016 or 2017 and felt the absence.  I need something to futz with while I am there, as well as to preen over.  This year I took an art piece called The Roost that provided a place to sit a spell and contemplate the playa.  For the structure, I repurposed the base from my 2103-2014 project Trillium.  Trillium is now at the Seattle Children's Museum and didn't require the self standing base.